Bad reviews of previous SRK’s films being linked to Dunki

Old videos without context go viral as audiences’ reactions to Dunki
Bad reviews of previous SRK’s films being linked to Dunki

Dunki, Shahrukh Khan’s third film in 2023 released on December 21, received mixed reviews. While many are celebrating the movie, others say that the movie is not up to par.

While social media is flooded with opinions and reviews of the movie, many fake ones have also gone viral. SouthCheck fact-checked some of the viral claims and found that they were reviews of other movies.

Here are some of the ‘wrong’ reviews and how they were debunked.

Claim 1

An X user shared a video with the caption “Exclusive: First Public reaction on #Dunki movie is out  #DunkiReview #ShahrukhKhan. (sic)” In the video, a man outside a theatre, complains that the movie and its songs are bad and that he’d rather be in jail than in the theatre watching the movie. He says that Shah Rukh Khan was the King of Romance 20 years ago but not anymore.

Fact: We found the same video uploaded by the YouTube channel Viral Bollywood on August 4, 2017. The video was shared with the title, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal Movie Review | Shahrukh Khan.’

Hence, a 6-year-old video of Harry Met Sejal’s review was shared as the review of Dunki.

Claim 2

Another X user shared a review video with the caption ‘SRK’s disaster’ with the #DunkiDisaster and #DunkiReview. In the video, a man is seen coming out of a cinema theatre with his daughter, and when asked by a reporter, he scolds Shahrukh Khan.

Fact: We found the same video shared by the We Bharat YouTube channel on March 20, 2022. The video’s title read that Kashmir Files defeated Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan, and the Hindi caption said “People are demanding the boycott of Pathan film. #Bycottpathan is trending from tomorrow.” Pathan was the first of three SRK films released this year.

Claim 3

An X user shared another review with the caption in Hindi that said ‘Public knows everything’ with the #DunkiPublicReview and #Dunki. In the video, a man asks why Shah Rukh Khan is making such bad movies. He calls it a super flop since the movie was too lengthy with no story.

Fact: We found the same video published on the YouTube channel Viral Bollywood on December 22, 2018, with the title, ‘Zero Movie Public Review | 2nd Day Night Show Review.’ Zero was one of SRK’s previous films released that year. In the video, at around the 5:02-minute timestamp, we can see the part with the same man giving the review.

Since all the aforementioned reviews have been on the Internet on dates before Dunki’s release on December 21, we conclude that people are sharing old reviews of SRK as Dunki’s reviews.

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