Fact Check: Does viral image show Iranian trucks crossing into Syria from Iraq?

The viral image is of the National Army Day festivities in Tehran 2019.
(Source: Social media screenshot)
(Source: Social media screenshot)

On April 1, 2024, an airstrike destroyed the consular section of Iran’s embassy in the capital city of Damascus, Syria. Leading Iranian military commanders were killed in the attack. Iran declared that Israel had attacked it.

In this backdrop, an image is being widely shared on social media, in which military trucks are seen on the road. The image is shared with the claim that Iranian trucks are entering Syria through the Iraq border and transporting weapons in response to Israel’s attack on Iran’s consulate in Syria.

An X user shared the image with the caption, “BREAKING: Iranian trucks cross the border from Iraq into Syria carrying various types of weapons.”

A similar image can be seen here and here.

Fact Check

SouthCheck found that the claim was false. The viral image is of the National Army Day festivities held in Tehran in 2019.

On doing a Yandex reverse image search, we found the same image uploaded by Wikimedia Commons with a caption suggesting that the image was of the Iranian Army celebrating Army Day in 2019.

The image was also published by Shutterstock, with the caption suggesting the viral image is of the Iranian army trucks carrying missiles taking part in the marking of National Army Day celebrations held in Tehran, Iran, on April 18, 2019.

A report by the Tehran Times suggested that Iran had paraded a nationwide military parade on April 18, 2019, in which missiles, submarines, armoured vehicles, radars and electronic warfare systems were put on display.

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