Fact Check: Does viral video show mob attack on Punjab CM Bhagwant Singh?

The claim is false. The viral video is from Jammu and shows people attacking Amandeep Singh Boparai, the president of Yuva Jatt Sabha.
(Source: Social media screenshot)
(Source: Social media screenshot)

 A video is being widely shared on social media in which people are seen attacking a person wearing a yellow turban.

Those sharing the video claim that it shows people assaulting Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Singh since a yellow turban is part of his signature attire.

A social media user shared the video with a Hindi caption, “Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann beaten in Punjab (translated).”

A similar post can be seen here and here.

Fact Check

SouthCheck found that the claim is false. The video shows people beating Amandeep Singh Boparai, the president of Yuva Jatt Sabha in Jammu.

On doing a Google reverse image search with one of the video’s screenshots, we found the same video uploaded by an Instagram page YuvaJattSabhaJK. The text embedded in the video read, “A small incident happened on Main Road at Camp Road in Gole Gujral. Yuva Jatt Sabha president Amandeep Singh Boparai came alone in front of a mob of 150+ people but he was attacked in a cowardly manner.”

At the end of the Instagram video, Amandeep Singh Boparai can be seen talking to the police. He can be seen wearing the same yellow turban and brown vest hinting that he can be the same person being attacked in the video. Amandeep’s Instagram account bio states that he is pradhan (chief) of the Yuva Jatt Sabha.

Taking this clue, we searched with appropriate keywords and found that the incident was also reported by Punjab Kesari in a video report titled, ‘Ruckus in the rally of Yuva Jat Sabha over Pakistan’s conspiracy’ published in April 2024.

In the report, Amandeep Singh Boparai can be seen talking to a media person about the attack.

Another local news channel took video bytes of Amandeep where he speaks about the incident in Gole Gujral, a village in Jammu. In the video, he can be seen wearing the same yellow turban and brown jacket, worn by the man being attacked in the viral video.

Amandeep Singh Boparai also posted a video on his Facebook account describing the mob attack, claiming it was a ‘pre-planned attack on Yuva Jatt Sabha Jammu Kashmir rally to create Hindu Sikh rift during elections.’  

We also searched for news reports on public attacks on Bhagwant Mann but couldn’t find any.

Hence, we conclude that the viral video is not of Bhagwant Mann being beaten but of Amandeep Singh Boparai.

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