Fact Check: No, the viral video does NOT show an Israeli tanker burned by Houthi rebel

An old video of an explosion on a container ship off the port of Colombo is shared with fake claims.
(Source: Screenshot X/@SDGMasterglass)
(Source: Screenshot X/@SDGMasterglass)

According to a recent report, a cargo ship was seized in the Red Sea by Yemen's Houthi militants.

In the above context, a video of a burning tanker is widely being shared, with a caption claiming that it is of the Israeli cargo ship burned down by the Houthi Rebel.

A social media user shared the video with a caption that reads, “ddleeastmonitor: Yemeni armed forces claim responsibility for Israeli 'Kalandra' attack. Yemeni armed forces claimed responsibility for a strike that had an Israeli container ship 'Kalandra' engulfed in fire. The ship owned by the Israeli shipping company ZIM, had been in the Indian Ocean when attacked. The Sri Lankan navy, along with the Indian Coast Guard ships are trying to contain the fire, with additional firefighting resources to arrive later.

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(Source: Screenshot X/@SDGMasterglass)
(Source: Screenshot X/@SDGMasterglass)

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Fact Check

SouthCheck found the claim to be fake.

On analysing the video, we found the Facebook page of CBS News uploaded a similar video on May 26, 2021. The video was uploaded with the caption, “An explosion was reported on a container ship off the port of Colombo, Sri Lanka on Wednesday, days after a fire broke out on the vessel which is carrying 25 tons of nitric acid.”

A similar video was also uploaded by a YouTube channel, On Demand News on May 26, 2021, with a caption, “An explosion aboard a cargo ship in the Indian Ocean left its crew scrambling for their lives. The Singapore-flagged MV X-Press Pearl was engulfed after an onboard fire got out of hand. Two of the 25-person crew were injured in the ensuing blast but all were evacuated to safety. Much of the ship's chemical cargo - which included 25 tons of nitric acid - was thrown overboard. It was anchored and waiting to enter port in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo at the time of the blast.”

SkyNews had also uploaded the video on May 25, 2021, with a caption, “Sri Lankan authorities have expanded operations to put out a fire on a burning container ship off the coast of Colombo.”

Hence, we can ascertain that the viral video is old and is not associated with Israeli tanker attack.

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