Exploring the positive potential of Generative AI

Generative Artificial Intelligence, also known informally as ‘Gen AI’, has taken over the spotlight the past few months.
Exploring the positive potential of Generative AI

Hyderabad: Generative Artificial Intelligence, also known informally as ‘Gen AI’, has taken over the spotlight the past few months. Buzz around the AI-based technology does not seem to subside. Apart from discussing its widespread use in content creation and misuse, it is worth considering how Gen AI can be used for good! The article looks into some of the lesser-known functions of the transformative technology.

What is Gen AI?

Firstly, it becomes important to identify what Gen AI is. It is a kind of AI that works on sophisticated Machine Learning (ML) techniques to produce, or rather, ‘generate’ content such as images, videos, and audios, based on input received. It has paved way for the creation of deepfakes – an ML-based AI output which allows users to make videos and images from textual input on platforms.

Considering its wide utility in content creation, Gen AI is being used to make videos, images and audio-visual content simply through a textual prompt. This has significantly reduced the time, costs and technical expertise often required to make sophisticated and high-quality videos. While the production of such content is easy, the quality of the output often takes a dent. Content created through Gen AI often contains faults, inaccuracies and impossible characteristics.

Of late, the introduction of Sora by the OpenAI team based out of San Fransico, California, impressed several sections of industry through its production of hyper-realistic videos and images. It is likely to have an immense impact on the content-creating industry, and ancillary effects on graphics production, software, cinematic industry apart from enabling access to such technologies for those with little to no technical expertise.

Some lesser-known uses of Gen AI:


  • Say hello to your personalised ChatBot: Soon, Gen AI will be finetuned to allow personalised chatbots to ‘speak’ with customers and provide assistance. There will be little to no need of human interventions, except where required through law or rules created by the government. Chatbots can be used to identify unique health ailments, and after undertaking reasonable measures, prescribe appropriate treatment. By making use of the extensive database on which such systems have been trained, Gen AI can enable facilitation of medical treatment across the country. In a time where mental health has been given increasing importance, personalised chatbots can allow for the provision of curated treatment for patients virtually.

  • Business content generation: Since Gen AI analyses and predicts patterns, behaviours and data on enormous scales, Gen AI can take personalised messaging by corporates to greater heights. Entrepreneurs can use Gen AI to curate a perfect pitch for a particular customer or customer segment, allowing greater chances of conversion. This can be utilised in routine email communications as well.

  • Visualisation of content: Companies often invest large amounts of sum into visualisation of content before approaching particular stakeholders. They do so by taking an individualised approach to each stakeholder. However, with the use of Gen AI, companies can optimise their content visualisation techniques by comparing two or three versions of data visualisation on their website through Gen AI websites. This facilitates easy comparison of data without investing huge sums in individual resources.

  • Code production and expansion: Software engineers and developers often invest huge amounts of time developing complex sets of software code. Even thereafter, the quality of such code is not guaranteed as they continue testing or rather, battle-testing the code to ensure functionality. However, with the use of mature Gen AI coding tools, developers utilise platforms to create code from scenario-based input. This allows easier accessibility and development of robust code. Further the software developers are able to finish coding projects with fewer inaccuracies and using robust framework.

  • Efficient project management: Project management is crucial for every organisation. It enables prioritising certain projects and tasks. With Gen AI, users can now make use of assistive technologies within such platforms to facilitate, for example, voice assistance to take notes, share ideas across teams, create ‘smart’ replies and auto-complete searches while also summarising business documents that can be accessed by multiple teams and partners. AI solutions in project management have huge scope for reducing redundancies and bureaucracy.



Gen AI: Transformative Systems

Whether it is in healthcare, business, or multimedia industry, the use cases of Gen AI are multiplying. As further finetuning takes place, we can expect greater democratisation of such technologies. Those with few resources will be able to access and create content of high-quality without having to invest in educational degrees requiring large investments. The benefits of Gen AI are multifarious. Though, its limits are yet to be seen, it becomes important to consider the creation of guard rails around the AI system to ensure users do not suffer any unexpected consequences.

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